Porting X.org 6.9/7.0 to Darwin

by Robert Daeley

This week on Apple's X11-Users mailing list, a question was raised about the company's plans for updates and bug fixes for X11, their X Window system based on XFree86. A user brought up that it would be spiffy to move to the recently released X.org 6.9/7.0, the popular, open-source alternative.

Apple's "official" response is understandably vague on future plans, but they are "evaluating" it. In a post to the list, Ernie Prabhakar (Product Manager for UNIX and Open Source) reiterated that the updated X.org "doesn't quite build," but also pointed to his message from December on the Darwin-Dev mailing list: Request For Help with X.org port. If anybody has the skills, inclination, and time, that project could definitely use some help.