PortLAMP Courses: Prelude

by Daniel Smith

I looking forward to this week in Portland! I will be
doing my best to write every day about PHP, Day To Day Productivity, and
Some Trends To Think About.

About this week's subject "PortLAMP Courses":

Portland. Linux/Apache/MySQL/{P*}. A course from the OSCON buffet every day.
Just rhyme "Open Sources". Stretched pun.


Mobile phones. WiFi laptops. Anything with a current. Cyberspace,
phonespace, and reality collide (causing some to be less, not more productive,
as a result)

On my way up to Portland, I read an excellent article in the Sunday New York Times (July 6), entitled "The Lure Of Data: Is It Addictive?".
It gives a great look at the culture of the Always-On, where
some take a warped pride in the sheer number of devices they can juggle
(as opposed to, say, the main task at hand, such as a business meeting)

What's that fine balance between sucessfully taking in a lot of data (in a conference, or at work, etc.), and pursuing it in so many ways, that it becomes counterproductive?