PortLAMP Courses: Tuesday

by Daniel Smith

I gotta tip my hat to Andy Oram, who did a heck of
a job today with his coverage
Great job Andy! It is not easy to go to
session after session, keep a laptop going when power strips
are few and far between, and to be able to recall everything
separately after a long day. If you have ever bought a home,
it's a bit like seeing 10 houses in a day...

After Monday's writeup of the Advanced PHP talk, I was
exhausted. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is very wall-to-wall with
talks, so I will add a few tidbits on top of what Andy
mentioned from the "Managing Web Services with PHP" session,
presented by Sterling Hughes.


Sterling's talk on web services can be
found at: talks.php.net/show/webservices. He's a very enthusiastic speaker about things that he
really digs. SimpleXML? "best thing since sliced bread!"
If he doesn't like something, you'll hear that too. DOM?
"DOM is bloat" (because it requires a lot more object creation
than SimpleXML (which is "sexy efficient fast cool").

A couple of links that Sterling mentioned for XML-RPC
and SOAP: