Portlet API (JSR 168) Moving along to Public Review at last

by Dion Almaer

It is good to see the Portlet API moving along. There are so many portal servers out there, and they all are having to live in their own world (until there is a standard). I hope the Portal API is taken up by people, and is good enough to really allow us to develop portlets that can be developed on their own, and just work in the different portals. This is kinda like the promise of being able to create components that can be dropped in, and tied together later. Will it happen?

TSS: JSR 168 Portlet API Specification Released to Public Review

JSR 168: Portlet API Detail Page

Download JSR 168 Public Review Spec

Sun has also come out with a beta of Sun ONE Studio Portlet Builder, to allow us to play a little with the API:
Sun Goes Public With JSR 168, Beta Of New Portlet Builder


2003-07-19 20:38:13
Will this baby live or die?
Applet died.

Servlet lives.

MIDlet is now Giblet, according to Vorizon.

What the **** is a portlet?

2004-03-10 20:09:09
I think this is one technology that will fade away.