Portlet MVC Framework in Spring 2.0

by Krishna Srinivasan

Spring 2.0 introduces Portlet MVC Framework. For more details about the portlet framework read the sun's documentation. The Portlet MVC framework is a mirror image of the Web MVC framework.

The main way in which portlet workflow differs from servlet workflow is that the request to the portlet can have two distinct phases: the action phase and the render phase. The action phase is executed only once and is where any 'backend' changes or actions occur, such as making changes in a database. The render phase then produces what is displayed to the user each time the display is refreshed. The critical point here is that for a single overall request, the action phase is executed only once, but the render phase may be executed multiple times. This provides (and requires) a clean separation between the activities that modify the persistent state of your system and the activities that generate what is displayed to the user.


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sudhir nimavat
2007-04-01 01:10:04
seems gr8..
Currently we are not using spring for web tier.
We use webwork MVC, With business layer as Spring and Hibernate for persistent...
Spring's dao layers has made hibernate very easy.

2007-04-01 01:11:09
2007-04-02 14:04:59
BTW, expect a new, revitalized Web-tier effort from Spring soon.
Maggie Tran
2007-08-24 06:30:57
We are also working on java but still not in spring.
jack wilson
2007-08-24 06:32:52
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2007-09-06 22:30:21
it is really nice one, i will try to learn it in depth. thanks for sharing
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