Photoshop Lightroom Adventure Book Covers Lightroom 1.1

by Colleen Wheeler

My favorite thing about the release of Lightroom 1.1? We're going to press this week with Mikkel's beautiful book, Photoshop Lightroom Adventure. And we're doing so knowing that it will be the most up-to-date Lightroom book out there. Over the past few months, Mikkel has been painstakingly updating the manuscript for the changes anticipated in version 1.1, a monumental task. Not only did he have to diligently monitor and document all the great new features that were being added for LR 1.1, but he had to reshoot most of the nearly one thousand images in the book to reflect the new interface.

Today, one of my last official acts as the book's editor was to get the final changes made to the screen shot of the Develop module that appears on the book's back cover. There I was, up in the O'Reilly design department (staffed by patient, hardworking, and understanding professionals, by the way), explaining that before it went out the door, "We absolutely have to change this rubber stamp icon right here to a spray paint can." (The "Keyword Stamper" has been changed to the "Painter" in 1.1)

In the end, our hard work will pay off (really, even the equally patient, hardworking, and understanding Production team is starting to agree with me; it's all those gorgeous Iceland photos, combined with Mikkel's lucid prose, of course, that are bringing them around.) This book is the perfect blend of instruction and inspiration, and it's great knowing it's also Lightroom 1.1 compliant.


Adobe's Pro Photo Evangelist, aka "Mr Lightroom," George Jardine's photo graces the cover of Adobe Lightroom Adventure by Mikkel Aaland, coming soon from O'Reilly. Mikkel tells a great story of how this cover came to be.


2007-06-27 09:55:26
I am glad to hear that your hard work on what promises to be a fascinating and beautiful book, didn't go to waste... I imagine, very few people would want to buy a book, no matter how attractive visually, that is already obsolete at the time of publication.

While I am pleased with the numerous bug fixes and added/refined features in v.1.1, I'll admit that it is baffling, to say the least, to see Adobe handling recently introduced, core metaphors and terms for brand new software, so poorly, and so nonchalantly (libraries > catalogs; clarity = brightness in many languages other than Eng., etc.).

Mark Phillips
2007-07-16 06:45:39
Any update on availability date Colleen?



Colleen Wheeler
2007-07-16 06:56:08
It's at the printer, due back any second. We estimate it will be in stock next week.
Mark Phillips
2007-07-18 06:19:39
Update on availability?


Mark Phillips
2007-07-21 06:37:58

Do you have any idea of the O'Reilly shipping date or the date the book will reach other stores (on-line and off)?