Aperture/Final Cut Presentation and a Keynote Tip

by Charlie Miller

I checked out AUPN’s event at the Apple SoHo Store last night. Aperture trainer Jenny McCormack gave a presentation on Aperture for the videographer, focusing on an introduction to Aperture and highlighting the similarities between it and Connected Flow’s Aperture to Final Cut Pro plug-in to send her high-res JPEGs directly into FCP. She also discussed Aperture to Keynote workflow using the iLife/iWork Media Browser.

And check out this great tip I picked up: in Keynote you can drag a group of thumbnails from the Media Browser to an empty area in Keynote’s Slides panel; Keynote will create a new slide for each photo. This is a super-easy way to create a photo slideshow in Keynote.

Dropping thumbnails from the Media Browser to Keynote

I also picked up a good suggestion for iPhoto users who are moving to Aperture: many beginners find Aperture’s interface to be a little overwhelming on first launch. So if you’re ever working with a beginner, try having him or her hide the Viewer and Control Bar to make Aperture look more like iPhoto.

Aperture with the Viewer and Control Bar hidden

A standard iPhoto window