Photoshop World Vegas Wrap-Up

by Colleen Wheeler

I've recovered from Vegas enough to think about writing a wrap-up here. Here were the highlights of my week at Photoshop World:

  • Eddie Tapp's induction into the Photoshop Hall of Fame. Eddie was gracious and kind as usual in his acceptance speech, and I've never had the opportunity to meet an author's parents before. (Turns out charm and kindness are hereditary.) And we SOLD OUT of his new book, Photoshop Workflow Setups, in the booth on the first day. Eddie was shooting in the Canon booth next door, so anyone who bought a book (while we still had them) took it by for him to sign. People love Eddie's down to earth style, both in print and in person. (Mental note, don't step editorially all over Eddie's down to earth style.)

  • Sneak peeks at Lightroom Beta 4. Noticing Lightroom's popularity with this crowd gave me insight into just how many photographers there are at Photoshop World. OK, I know, duh. It's just that previously, I'd had the sense that most of the attendees were there to enjoy extreme pixel-modification sports.

  • InDesign sessions by Adobe InDesign Guru and host of the Creative Suite Video Podcast, Terry White. (Terry's podcast does require the video component, still worth it, just not in your car.) Got to learn some time/sanity saving tips and Terry let me stalk him on the escalator to pick his brain about using InDesign in a book production workflow.

  • OreillyBoothPSWorldcopy.jpg

  • O'Reilly Booth. Here's a picture of the booth taken by my Executive Editor Steve Weiss. (No we don't require facial hair to write for us, it's just that the pictures of Mikkel Aaland and Julianne Kost were featured on the side panels of the booth.) In fact, since Julianne is on the road with Adobe's Project Photoshop Lightroom, many of the Fans O' Julianne just hung out next to her picture and wistfully thumbed through the pages of her gorgeous book, Window Seat. Fun to get that instant feedback from readers in the booth.

  • My first Photoshop Midnight Madness. If what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas, then I'm pretty sure the same goes double for Midnight Madness in Vegas. But I will say that Bert Monroy is a pretty good dancer. And I don't think anyone who was there will ever be able to think of the Photoshop Keyboard shortcut Command-J the same way again.


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