Post Keynote-gasm

by Tom Bridge

Your protagonist lights a cigarette, rocks back in his chair, and relaxes, triumphant

Well, here we are, post Keynote. The Mac Book Pro is out, now. iLife '06 and iWork '06 are out as well. My brand new iMac is already obsolete, less than a month after I bought it. My needs for a laptop are sated in the new Mac Book, and my order for a low-end one is already in. I'm excited by the MagSafe feature in the new Mac Book Pro, as I've destroyed a few power adapter in my days. The lack of FireWire 800 is odd, but the addition of SPDIF in and out is quite nice as well. One nice add is the new ExpressCard/34 slot, which is designed to supplant PCMCIA.

What concerns me is a lack of listed Battery Life in the stats. The new Mac Book Pro packs a 60WHr battery, as opposed to the G4's 50WHr battery, and the new charger is 85W instead of the 65W adapters we currently have. What's the battery life going to be like, I wonder?

Take a look, though, at the test data. Twice as fast? Sign me up.

iLife '06 seems much more .Mac centric than ever before and I'm sure that'll ruffle some feathers. I'm a subscriber, but I can understand why people might be irked at a purchase price that has a hidden cost in it.

iWork '06 seems to be a bit of a sleeper, but we'll see about that, long term.

Overall, the Keynote's over and done, and I'm somewhat pleased. Sure, we didn't get the major things the rumors sites promised us, but what we got is pretty solid. What do you think?

What do you make of this year's Keynote?


2006-01-10 12:22:26
MagSafe is not new
MagSafe is not new. Many asian either Taiwan or Japan have Japanese water boiler in their kitchen to provide hot drinking water constantly. It has this type of power cord for at least 20 years if I remember that right. I have been using that since I was small.


2006-01-10 12:24:59
MagSafe is not new
It's nice to see the tech adapted to laptops, though.
2006-01-10 13:37:20
I think we did get some pretty big things.

The new iMac is one heck of a computer for $1300. The ATI Radeon X1600 is a nice step up from the graphics controllers we've been stuck with in the past.

That MacBook is nothing to sneeze at either.

2006-01-10 14:14:00
Wait for Merom
By the end of the year. 64-bit vs 32-bit, faster clock, lower power. Plus, Blu-Ray will be ready.

BTW, SPDIF in/out is in the last PowerBook.

2006-01-11 06:26:48
calm down
i think you should take the bar charts on apples page with a grain of salt. until a reputable benchmark group (i know it is hard to hear that apple is not one) to comment on how must faster they will be. for example, dual core chips generally perform worse at single threaded tasks than a single core chip of the same gHz. they perfom best with multiple applications.