Power to the Programming People!

by Ted Neward

Related link: http://news.com.com/2100-1001-949241.html

This is just too rich--California is to become a "Live Free or Die" software state? Somebody had better warn Larry Ellison that his home state's about to disown him....

And, of course, the visual of a thousand bespectacled geeks marching on Sacramento holding their penguins and chanting "Live Free, Choose Emacs!" (all the while religiously debating which distribution to use amongst themselves) is just too precious to pass up.

Unlike the author of the article, however, I think this bill has a fighting chance to get through the California Assembly, and if it does, it's entirely likely that Gov Gray Davis would sign it. After all, it's Davis' problems with Oracle (can you say "Ellisongate"?) that have really underwritten his pain in contemplating reelection. By passing this bill, maybe Gray thinks he can put all that behind him and perhaps earn a few poll points?