Pownce is Django-based

by Jeremy Jones

I just noticed a post on Grig Gheorghiu's blog that mentions that Pownce is built on the Django web framework. Here is an interview with Leah Culver, the lead developer for Pownce, and here is Leah's blog post on Pownce. For anyone not aware, Pownce is the new brain child of Digg creator Kevin Rose. Pownce is supposed to be a better Twitter and/or Jaiku.


jerk (tschitschereengreen)
2007-08-30 06:35:20
Dear, yes. As we just used Symfony, Rails and Django for various projects for our customers. In the future we will always prefer Django. In our opinion its just the better framework mainly becaus its using Pythin which is just better for writing clear and readable code.