PR: Short for pitiful racket?

by Francois Joseph de Kermadec

It is no secret that I spend most of my time doing what I enjoy most: public relations and communication. In many ways, working in this field is a blessing: things change quickly so you never get to bore yourself and, provided your chose your clients and partners with care, you are given an opportunity to introduce genuinely interesting products and services to the public. Yet, some of the tactics of a handful of companies scare me. I had a prime example today.


2006-06-15 16:19:46
Please save us from the heathens taking advantage of the latest buzzwords while shilling your holistic services from your ultra-simple Parisian office with 130 year old floors! Hurry!
2006-06-15 16:24:14

As I said, I'm not alone here so I really don't have any pretension to save anyone or be the white knight in its shining purple armor. And as far as my floors go (well, ours), I enjoy them but I don't believe they make my websites any better or my work any more "holistic"...