Pragmatic Studio - Chicago

by Caleb Tennis

I've started a Writeboard to keep track of people who will be coming to the Chicago Rails studio. We'd like to try and get a meetup together, probably for the night before the workshop starts.

Email me : caleb at AAA EEE III dash tech dot com (that's for an invite.

<\b>UPDATE: Mike Clark says to hold on just a minute and we'll all be getting invites to a more formalized group to discuss.


2006-02-04 08:22:50
sorry if im rude
these questions are hanging on my mind for a long time...
i hate ruby cause :

Java is not just for Web Development.

if you all you want is dynamic web site scripting
go PHP, Python.

Java shines when we are dealing with N-Tier Architecture, Distributed Objects, Distributed Transactions, Security, Messaging(MOM).
when High Availability,Fail Over, Load Balancing are important.
where we need to talk to Legacy systems using JCA
and talk to highly scalabale CORBA/C++ apps over IIOP.

i really wonder how any of those can be done in lame ruby.

JSP/Servlet and MVC frameworks are just part of the very big picture that was described earlier.

this is serious development, and needs serious and dedicated engineers.

for the rest of script kiddies who have no brain to understand highly scalable and complex systems, and just want to do a crappy dynamic website and think theyre cool , let them have it.

they are just script kiddies, let them play.

if you are scripting with PHP,Perl,Python, VB you may look into it.
Java and specifically Enterprise Java do not level with these scripting Toolz.

just looking at ruby syntax makes me wanna puke.

2006-02-04 08:25:25
i have C/C++/Java/EJB/CORBA/Unix Roots.