Pranks - Expect It When You Least Expect It

by Brian McConnell

I love a good prank, especially at a time and place when it's not expected, and especially if they draw in people who you'd think had better radar. I don't have a good one this year, but here's a pointer to a hoax I was involved in a few years ago. We staged a fake right wing, pro-war rally in Berkeley's People's Park. One observer remarked that he hadn't seen that kind of chaos since Michael Moore sent cheerleaders to an execution (I took that as a compliment). Watching the protestors slowly realize they were being pranked was priceless.

Another fun one I was involved in was organizing a St Patricks Day parade two weeks early in Chinatown. Nobody knew what to do with that.

Happy April Fool's Day. If you're in San Francisco, be sure to check out the St Stupid's Day Parade.