Preparing for a hyper-competitive future with SpikeSource

by Kevin Shockey

It is my firm belief that in the coming years, the Information Technology industry will feel ever more sharply the impact of globalization, offshore out-sourcing, and open source software. I further believe that these three factors will force many companies and individuals out of that industry. Therefore, it follows that the competition within the industry will intensify. So if we want to remain competitive in the coming hyper-intensive IT future, we must be sure that we continue to improve the quality and timeliness of our product deliveries.

With the recent emphasis in software development on process-related software testing, it is clear that test driven software development, and other processes that emphasize testing will be critical in maintaining that competitiveness. We all must actively manage the quality of our products and we should seek out and master any tools that attempt to ease or improve our testing efficiency.

SpikeSource, Inc. has brought to market just such a set of tools. The recently announced availability of an automated testing service should prove to be an irreplaceable tool in our effort to remain competitive. If you believe as I do, then any opportunity to better understand these new tools shouldn't be missed.

Well, you are in luck. Well you are in luck if you happen to be in the San Francisco area next Friday afternoon. On June 17, 2005 at 3:00pm SpikeSource will host their first TestFest in their Redwood City Headquarters. With free food, free drinks, and free presentations it seems like a great combination.

During the TestFest, SpikeSource will offer the opportunity to hear more about how you can use Open Source testing tools effectively to make your life easier. With specific tracks about interoperability testing, testing with Simpletest, PHPCoverage, and HTTPUnit, and an introduction to participatory testing there should be something for just about anyone interested in improving the quality of their open source software. They are even offering to help you get started testing your project with their tools and services. Once again, if we want to remain competitive, then we must seize every opportunity to differentiate and improve ourselves. That seems like an opportunity waiting to be seized.

So if your into getting other people to make your software better for you, and aren't most open source software developers, then make sure you register ahead of time to secure your space. With the participation of some of the leading open source projects and project leaders, this promises to be a great opportunity to prepare for the future, get your geek on, and geek out with some great folks.

Are you planning to attend?


2005-06-09 10:34:52
right on
Definitely, the combination open source and offshore outsorcing (of software development, application hosting, and user support) means that core computing capabilities will be available at a dramatically lower cost anywhere in the known universe. So that says (1) make sure you have relationships with the most competitive IT groups around the world and (2) differentiate yourself with exceedingly strong customer knowledge of how to deploy commodity IT capability to maximum business effect. It is an exciting new world for teams thinking this way.