Pretty Payphone Pictures

by Bruce Stewart

Floating_phone.thumb.jpgThe widespread acceptance of mobile phone technology is rapidly obsoleting the once common payphone, on U.S. street corners at least. Even though I live in a location where I can't receive a cell phone signal, the disappearance of public pay phones is one of the reasons I own a cell phone -- it's not nearly as easy as it once was to find a public phone to use in this country. There's definitely a certain amount of charm to some of the more creative pay phones and enclosures, and there is a small niche group of collectors who are always on the hunt for them.

Those folks will appreciate the interesting payphone site that BoingBoing pointed to yesterday, the payphone project. The site features "stories, pictures, phone numbers and news from payphones and public telephony." Don't miss the gallery of photos of payphones from around the world, there's some real good ones there.