Preview of Office .NET?

by Steve Anglin

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Is this a legitimate preview into the upcoming Microsoft Office .NET? Well, decide for yourself after you look at "A number of readers alerted me this week to a fascinating Shockwave animation that purports to demonstrate some of the online/subscription features of the next version of Microsoft Office, which will be called Office .NET. Code-named Office NGO ("Next Generation Office") in the animation, this Office version will include links to a number of online services, including a secure My Office Web site; a consolidated email account with Web-based Inbox; Office .NET Notifications; online scheduling with a sharable calendar; Meeting Workspaces for viewing agendas, pending tasks, and related documents, SharePoint Team Services-based Team Workspace for sharing information with team members; and a set of online content such as templates, online training, communities, and the like."

What do you think of this? What have you heard through the grapevine?