Printing an Album or a Portfolio in Lightroom

by Ken Milburn

I loved Mikkel Aaland's piece on how to create a QuickTime movie with the Slideshow module. First, I'd been looking for a way to do that because I'd like to narrate and add music to some slideshows that talk about...well, more about that later. Mikkel's blog also inspired me to do a piece on printing portfolios in the Print module.

Here's the best part: You can print all your verticals in a project at one click of the Print button. Just select the verticals in the Filmstrip or in the Library module and then go to the Print module. Then you can do the same for all your horizontals.

The Print module is wonderful about doing lots of things, such as contact sheets and "job" sheets (multiple images on the same page). You can specify as many rows and columns as you like, so you can make big contact sheets or just select certain images in the Filmstrip and have them all appear on the same page. But that's a topic for another blog...and it might even not be mine.


Alan B.
2007-03-01 11:59:13
It would be cool if you could "print" to a file with these border/text elements in place.

I imagine you can use a PDF print driver to create a PDF file of your image, but I'd also like to see the LR export function take advantage of some of these great border/text options.

Ken Milburn
2007-03-01 12:22:44
I totally agree with the idea of being able to save these frames and layouts as a file so that the result could be easily incorporated into slideshows, movies, and attached to emails. I'd also like to see the ability to put space between the border and the image and to be able to do faux mats.
Mark Levison
2007-03-01 12:23:27
Can you print to TIFF or some other file format? I want to make a very large montage - perhaps 2 ft by 6 ft. Far larger than own printer can handle. So I need to take the resulting file to a local shop to make it happen. Can I do this within lightroom? Or do I have to export everything to photoshop?
2007-03-04 03:35:16
Regarding verticals and horizontals, I truly do not understand why the new CS3 bridge beta can have orientation in the metedata browser and LR lacks it