Profiling Ruby code with ruby-prof

by pat eyler

Ever since I saw Charlie Savage's blog post about ruby-prof 0.4.0, I've been thinking about how great it was to see faster and better profiling tools (how cool are cross-referenced call graphs?). Now that I'm writing up my talk for RubyConf*MI , I've been looking a little bit deeper. For those of you not planning on being in Michigan on August 26th (your loss), here are three blog entries I've put together about ruby-prof and profiling in general: Profile and ruby-prof, ruby-prof and call graphs, and Profile and ruby-prof: getting specific.

I'm constantly amazed at how many tools are floating around out there for Ruby developers. What are your favorites?


Daniel Berger
2006-08-15 10:16:55
Pat, the profile links don't appear to be working. I'm getting a custom 404. WinXP Pro, IE 6, btw.

- Dan

2006-08-15 10:40:05
they should be good now, it was a snarf-n-barf error on my part.


2006-08-16 00:48:44
Ruby-prof is definetely great, I love calling graphs. I think Charlie Savage really explained things well.
- ben @
roger pack
2007-11-06 19:26:11
If you apply a patch ( then you can track object allocations per function call--useful for memory stuffs.