Program for the Mac? Got .Mac? Now Combine the Two.

by Chuck Toporek

One of the cool things coming with Mac OS X Tiger is a new dotMac kit. This new SDK allows mere mortals (like myself) to build applications that work with the .Mac services.

Mike Clark just informed me that an article he wrote for the Apple Developer Connection (ADC) website, aptly titled Using the .Mac SDK, is now available online.

In his article, Mike shows you how to use the dotMac SDK, and also tells us about the .Mac Affiliates Program. If you're planning to build a .Mac-related application, this program gives a kick-back to developers for every new .Mac member that signs up for a .Mac account through your application.

Check it out...


2005-01-28 14:20:45
It mentions your .Mac book...
And I see a reference to your .Mac book in the .Mac SDK article, Chuck. Will you be updating it with information for developers?