Programming C# 3.0 5e Released

by Jesse Liberty

I'm incredibly proud and pleased to announce the release of the fifth edition of Programming C#.

C# 3.0 represents a significant maturation of the C# language adding numerous small new features, and a few major enhancements including LINQ.

This new edition was a tremendous opportunity to revisit every aspect of my book, and to bring it fully up to date, to ensure that we were adding value, and telling the story of C#; never simply reproducing the documentation already available from Microsoft.

We also took the opportunity to demonstrate how C# supports WPF, ASP.Net and Ajax, as well as WinForms.

We spent months reviewing and rewriting every chapter, and we then subjected the book to the most extensive technical review I've ever been involved with.

Finally, I re-edited the entire book, to ensure that it speaks with a single voice, because I believe that a tutorial must ultimately be a conversation between one author and one reader.

This year I will also be producing two new books from O'Reilly Media: Programming .Net 3.5 and Programming Silverlight. More about those when they become available


Jason LaBaw
2008-04-19 19:53:46
I'm reading Programming C# 3.0 right now. I've been programming web pages for about 3 years now in (vb), I graduated WWU with a degree in marketing and certificates in web development and web management. I REALLY REALLY want to become an ace, a bad ass web site programmer which is why I picked up you book (actually Steven Walther recommended it). I'm on Ch. 9 and feel like I'm having trouble following. Not to sound too desperate... but I live in Seattle and will pay, wash cars, do yard work whatever for some help.
Jason LaBaw