Programming .NET 3.5

by Jesse Liberty

I'm very pleased and proud to announce that my newest book, Programming .NET 3.5, is available, and more important that it may be the most unusual book I've ever written. As noted in my primary blog it was our theory; generated long before I started work at Microsoft, that while there was good reason to write what I call “silo” books on each of the .NET technologies (e.g., WPF, WCF, etc.) there was a coherence to the entire Microsoft framework that was potentially missed by that approach.

Our other theory was that .NET 3.5 (broadly defined) was the first version of .NET to fully facilitate the development of n-tier applications and MVC (imagine our shock when Microsoft developed the MVC library for ASP.NET!)

This book was also a blast to write, and even more exceptional, my co-author, Alex Horovitz, launched his own writing career out of it, quickly following with Programming ASP.NET MVC to be released shortly.