Project BlackWhitebox Goes Golden: Stanford University the Lucky First Recipient

by M. David Peterson

On The Record

SLAC, which studies subatomic particles for the U.S. Energy Department, had been challenged to find ways to add computing resources quickly. "We can't expand fast enough," said Richard Mount, the director of scientific computing at SLAC, earlier this year in an article published by Bloomberg. Mount went on to say that Project Blackbox is "...the fastest way we can house computers." The Project Blackbox system is anticipated to boost the SLAC computing capacity by a third.

Nice! So then what gives with the title?

SLAC's box, painted white to stay cooler, contains about a million dollars of computing equipment.

Makes sense.

Congratulations to everyone@SunMicrosystems for delivering what can only be seen as a monumental turning point in the history of computing. Nice work! :D