Project Orlando

by Dustin Puryear

Roger Klorese has a blog from a week or so ago about the upcoming XenServer Orlando beta. (Who’s going to beta this? I’d like to know what you find out.) XenServer is becoming a contender in the VM world, and it’s now owned and released by Citrix.

There are some cool features apparently that will be available in the beta, including (I’m copying from the original post):

• Automated high availability
• Windows Server 2008 guest support
• Persistent performance statistics and metrics
• Fully integrated Fibre Channel multipath support with configuration via XenCenter
• VM grouping, searching and tagging
• Email alerts
• Disaster recovery for VM metadata
• Active/active NIC aggregation
• Xen hypervisor updated to version 3.2
• XenConvert P2V migration tool
• Wider hardware support
...and many more.
Cool stuff.

Some of the real highlights seem to be:

• You can define resource pools, and assign priorities within those pools. Then, if you lose a VM, XenServer will restart that VM based on its priority. That way, if you lose a bunch of VMs then you get the mission-critical ones back first.
• XenConvert will be available to do P2V. This is cool since you can now do everything out-of-the-box, instead of relying on third party or manual processes.