Prototype Python package registry based on PEP 301

by Uche Ogbuji

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In the never ending quest to get Python something like Perl's convenient package registries and utilities, PEP 301: Package Index and Metadata for Distutils, by Richard Jones is the likely foundation. Richard has now produced a patch (announced by Andrew Kuchling) to Python with a preliminary implementation of PEP 301. WIth this patch (available in current Python CVS) developers can upload registry information specified through distutils. He also posted a preliminary registry of Python packages, which I expect will grow rapidly once Python 2.3 emerges with the PEP 301 code included. In fact, Richard and Andrew would love to see feedback from people who are willing to try Python CVS, or at least after Python 2.3a2 comes out with the patches included. The patch adds new "register" command for distutils which allows a package to be registered with a catalog.


2003-01-15 18:36:19
Richard Jones deserves the credit
Note that Richard Jones, current maintainer of Roundup and other projects,
is the author of PEP 301 and its implementation.

(And please comment on the catalog and the 'register' command; so far there's been
little feedback, though I hope there will be more after 2.3alpha2.)

2003-01-15 19:12:11
Richard Jones deserves the credit
All rightful comments. I dashed off the blog and regret having done so. I've made a quick edit accordint o these comments. I hope I haven't just made the entry incomprehensible. :-)
2003-01-16 20:44:14
Non-CVS access also available
(Richard here :)

If you visit the web interface and click on the "package submission" link, you can either download the module (which you may manually install in your existing Python library) or submit package information manually through the web.

You'll need to register in either case though, but that's a painless exercise (and if it _isn't_ then I need to _know_ :)