ProVoc: Vocabulary Trainer

by Robert Daeley

While I've only just yesterday downloaded and installed the ProVoc Vocabulary Trainer, I am enamored already. At first glance it might be mistaken for a simple flash card app, but there is actually quite a bit more to this sophisticated program's features. Progress reports, testing parameters, synonyms, import/export, flash-card printing, and much more. And even if there aren't many vocabulary files available to download yet, the import is a simple tab-delimited or csv text file away.

Oh yes, there's also iPod support (quizzes on the go), iSight support (add sound or video to your vocabulary), Spotlight support, and a Dashboard Widget.

Did I mention it's free?

Looks like it's about time for me to practice my Español again. Mi profesor, Señor Gonzales, would be very happy. :)