PSP as a Portable VoIP and Video Phone?

by Bruce Stewart

A recent IGN article highlights some of the upcoming features for Sony's popular PSP game player, and they include things like VoIP, the EyeToy interactive video camera technology, a GPS receiver, Flash and even RSS support. Sounds like my kid may have that fabled fullly-featured digital swiss-army knife device before I do!

Starting this fall, the PSP will receive some key new features. Video and voice-over-IP features will launch in October in "motion jpg" format, allowing PSP owners to use their PSPs as a virtual phone and even, with that new EyeToy, a portable video phone.

On the heels of learning that Microsoft is seeing 2-3 million daily VoIP calls being made by Xbox Live users to chat about the games they are playing, it's looking like gaming could become quite a substantial application for VoIP. And while we're talking about consumer gadgets getting voice capabilities, let's not forget all those rumors, which are sounding pretty real these days, that Apple will add phone functionality to an iPod someday soon.


Luca Filigheddu
2006-03-23 13:21:11
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