Pssst... Open Source Communities: Guess What...

by M. David Peterson

You're winning...

Microsoft executive lauds open source | InfoWorld | News | 2006-07-19 | By Paul Krill

[NOTE: I learned of this from Robin Cover's daily newslink email, and like his summary best. Below is a copy of his summary.]

David Kaefer, director of Business Development, Intellectual Property
and Licensing at Microsoft, said open source had bolstered innovation
in a distributed fashion, and he called the open source software
movement a "very powerful force in the industry." Microsoft has
partnered with the open source community, linking up with companies
such as JBoss, SugarCRM and XenSource, Kaefer said. And it is leveraging
open source in its Open XML Translator project, which will enable its
Office suite to support the OpenDocument Format standard. Emphasizing
Microsoft's intention to be more open, Kaefer said, the company is
doing more to open up its protocols and license formats, such as its
Office format. The company's Shared Source program, for its part,
allows access to its code. Microsoft itself is bolstering its efforts
in IP (intellectual property) licensing. The company is trying to
understand how it can create technologies and find homes for some of
those outside the company; the company is exploring inbound IP
acquisitions. The company this week announced it has licensed 3-D
technology codenamed TouchLight to Eon Reality.