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by M. David Peterson

Link Attribution Lineage : Dare Obasanjo

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents : Web 2.0 Thinking Game

If we're stuck with this meaningless Web 2.0 label, let's at least have some fun with it. Here's my new game. I'll start, you finish:

Web 1.0: Joshua Davis on the cover of Art News.
Web 2.0: 37signals on the cover of Forbes.

Web 1.0: Users create the content (Slashdot).
Web 2.0: Users create the content (Flickr).

Web 1.0: Crap sites on Geocities.
Web 2.0: Crap sites on MySpace.

Web 1.0: Writing.
Web 2.0: Rating.

Now you try it!

Web 1.0: Dynamic Data, Static Languages
Web 2.0: Dynamic Languages, Static Data

NOTE: Probably should have mocked up the title in Python, huh?! ;)


2006-10-23 09:39:42
Too obvious?

Web 1.0: Under Construction
Web 2.0: Beta

M. David Peterson
2006-11-02 07:27:22

Oooohhhh... I like yours better.

Wanna trade? :D