Publicly available meeting notes from WS-ReliableMessaging Interop Summit

by David A. Chappell

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IBM has published the results of the latest WS-ReliableMessaging Interop fest. The publishing of the results is something that the legal agreement allows the spec authors to do.

The interop participants included -

BEA Systems, Inc

Blue Titan Software, Inc.

IBM Corporation

Microsoft Corporation

NEC Laboratories America, Inc.

Sonic Software Corporation

Systinet Corp.

TIBCO Software, Inc.

The results, as written in the public report, exceeded expectations. We actually finished early.

A new Yahoo! groups discussion forum has been established. IBM's Dug Davis has also extended an invitation to multiple places, including the SOAPBuilders Interoperability group. The new WS-ReliableMessaging discussion forum is a private list, but anyone can join provided they sign a legal agreement that basically says anything you contribute to the list becomes donated to the spec authors on a royalty free basis.

The participating companies are in the process of putting up a list of publicly available WS-ReliableMessaging endpoints so that we can continue our testing without necessarily having to sit in the same room. The endpoints are referenced here, and will be updated as more of us get our endpoints out there.