Publishing to the iTunes Music Store

by brian d foy

iTunes 4.5 has a lot of ways to get to people to the iTunes Music Store so Apple can get their 99 cents.

When I select a playlist in iTunes, a little cirle with an arrow in it appears next to the name of the playlist. That arrow takes me to the Music Store and sets up the playlist to publish to iMix. Once I have published the list, the circle and arrow stay next to the playlist, allowing me to view or update the published list.


That arrow next to Current Favorites takes me to the iTunes Music Store and creates a list of all of the tracks in that playlist that the Music Store sells, which means a lot of the songs in my playlist were missing from the published version. It also creates a nifty, little quilt image from the first 9 unique album covers of the playlist.


I can send my published list URL to other people, and through that they can buy individual songs, or the entire playlist (but without a bulk discount). They can do the same things that they can do with the rest of the Music Store too, including listening to snippets of songs.

I do not know what advantage this should have for me, other than sucking away all of my money in 99 cent increments. Every time I visit the Music Store I run across something I want and would never buy an entire album to get. Damn you, iTunes Music Store!

Has iTunes Music Store cleaned out your bank account?


2004-04-29 08:14:19
what would be really useful here
If Apple music reps would use this data to find out what music they DON'T sell but is nevertheless popular.

It's kind of lame you can only vote for content they sell, making it sort of an in-crowd limited sales toy.

2004-04-29 17:30:08
what would be really useful here
That would be a really good idea!

My guess is that the Music Store is limited by rights agreement, and that Apple would love to have all the music ever recorded on it, though.

2004-04-29 17:31:12
Fixed URL
Apologies to those you experienced the bad URL I used for my Music Store link. A couple people were kind enough to show me the error and let me fix it.