Pump Up Your Printer

by David Battino

printer marginI just found a free workaround to something that's annoyed me about my otherwise dependable printer forever—the huge margin it leaves at the bottom of the page. Whereas the top, left, and right margins could be as small as a quarter inch (0.64cm), the bottom demanded almost three times that.

The cool thing was that I discovered the solution while fixing another problem: unreliable printing over my AirPort Express. Although my Windows laptops print fine over the Express's Wi-Fi connection, half the time the Mac would print a few lines and then give up.

Following a tip in the comments of an ancient Mac DevCenter blog, I set the printer to use a GIMP driver instead. I simply...

  1. Clicked the link;
  2. Entered my Mac user name and password;
  3. Clicked the Printers button in the page that came up;
  4. Clicked the Modify button for the Wi-Fi printer;
  5. Clicked through a few screens, and then entered the IP address of the AirPort Express (I found it in the AirPort Admin Utility);
  6. Clicked through a few more screens and selected the model of my printer.


Step 4: Pick your printer.

Boom! Not only did the printer start printing over Wi-Fi, its margins were reduced to an eighth of an inch on the sides and zero inches on the top and bottom. Near-borderless printing for free!


2006-06-29 16:53:36
Thats really cool... thanks