Pumping Iron is the new Rails

by Jonathan Wellons

All the developers I know are hitting the gym, chugging protein shakes, and running three times a week. The geek image is changing!


william larsen
2007-05-07 19:31:43
i don't know man.remember frank zappa,he smoked and refused to exercise.he is also dead(prostate cancer).do what you want to do,but don't expect it will help.it didn'help frank ,you have a 50/50 chance of it helping you.don't think about your image as a geek,thats for other people.think about yourself.bill
Jonathan Wellons
2007-05-07 21:48:15
Ha! Word!


2007-05-08 04:29:16
I believe exercise and fresh air is simply a way for one's brain to have time to think about the code one will write when back home.
2007-05-16 19:38:46
programmers have always been like this. the image won't ever change, let's face it.
Jonathan Wellons
2007-05-16 22:01:29
Dear Brian,

Really? Programmers have always been like this? Can you give me some background on that, because I doubt the current stereotype would exist if didn't have some grounding?

Personally, I have some hope that the image will change. More later, in another post perhaps.