Punch up your iPod with the Sonic Impact Class T Amp

by Derrick Story

I've enjoyed reading the glowing reviews of the Sonic Impact Class T Amp that generates 10 watts per channel from eight alkaline batteries. You can connect your iPod plus a couple of external speakers to the palm-sized device and have a powerful stereo system that fits just about anywhere... and for cheap! I bought mine for $30 at Amazon.

I haven't been disappointed with the Sonic's sound. It produces clear, full-bodied output that's a perfect complement to your iPod. Connect your music using the included stereo mini plug cord, attach the speakers, and you're ready to rock.

There are a few minor gotchas, as you would expect from a $30 amp. The batteries are difficult to insert, and the jacks for the traditional speaker wires could be better. I've gone into more detail about these and other aspects in my review on TDS. But I have to say, for a $30 investment (plus digging up a couple of two-way speakers out of the closet), you have a heck of a good stereo system for you iPod.


2005-11-13 13:56:56
T-amp is amazing
I have a T-amp connected to my Mac mini with a couple of used thrift store '70s era speakers. Sounds better than my living room Hi-Fi.

One suggestion though: get an AC adapter from RadioShack. The T-amp really burns through those eight AAs.

2005-11-13 16:47:52
buy an Airport Express, which will certainly not need the batteries and lets you connect speakers or directly to your amplifier, as well as acting as a wireless bridge.
2005-11-13 17:33:42
RE: T-amp is amazing
Not only is the adapter easier to use than the batteries, you get more power per channel. Sonic Impact says you basically go from 10 watts per channel to 15 with the power adapter.
Ep Sato
2006-05-24 08:47:53
I think the T amp is crap. Mine blew out the first time I used it (the volume was at half mast when the system started distorting, then shorted itself out a few seconds later). Less than a week after purchase, it doesn't work AT ALL. The customer service for Sonic Impact is as bad as the player. I advice people to avoid this sham company and their snake oil products.