Pushing the Caique out the Door

by chromatic

The Perl community is not new to hackathons; the Pugs hackathon in Toronto in 2005 before YAPC::NA is one of the best known. However, most of these sprints took place before or after conferences: OSCON, YAPC, et cetera.

I went to the Chicago Perl Hackathon this past weekend. Barring some troubles during the trip, it went flawlessly.


2006-11-14 17:49:20
I would imagine that the Toronto 20005 hackathon is the best known hackathon. How many opportunties would you get to travel 18,000 years into the future, and work on software that has been development for 18,006 years?

You should have the next hackathon in Vancouver. You could get ActiveState to sponser again, now that they are not part of Sophos, and are supposed to expanding their tools business. Or you could do that time travel things again :)

Pete Prodoehl
2006-11-15 08:26:51
chromatic, it was nice meeting you there. Thanks for the wrap up, and for spending a few minutes talking to me about Parrot.