PYCON 2007

by Jeremy Jones

PyCon 2007 is creeping up in about three months. So far, no accepted talks have been announced. The keynotes, however, have been announced. It looks like a good lineup. Guido will be speaking on Python 3000. Ivan Krstić will be speaking on the one laptop per child initiative. r0ml Lefkowitz will be speaking on the importance of programming literacy. And Adele Goldberg, of Smalltalk and Xerox PARC fame, will also be presenting. In addition to what can be gained from listening to the presentations, there also appear to be a number of ways to give back to the conference and the community.

I would love to make it this year. I'll have to see what craftiness I can conjure to be able to attend.

UPDATE: The approved talks and tutorials have now been published. It looks like an amazing lineup.

Following is the official press release for PyCon 2007.

Press Release

SOURCE: Python Software Foundation


ADDISON, TX, November 30, 2006 - PyCon 2007, the fifth annual conference of
the Python community, will take place February 23-25 at the Dallas/Addison
Marriott Quorum hotel. The keynote speakers will include Ivan Krstić, from
the One Laptop Per Child project; Adele Goldberg, a developer of Smalltalk;
Robert R. Lefkowitz, an expert on the use of open source in business; and
Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python.

PyCon annually attracts hundreds of attendees interested in the open-source
Python language, ranging from novice programmers to developers of the
language core. This year's conference will include a record sixty-four
sessions, covering the use of Python in a broad range of contexts, such as
web development, testing, and cross-language integration; case studies in
industry, science, and education; and Python implementations for the Java
and .NET platforms.

The program will also include intensive half-day tutorials, impromptu Open
Space talks, Birds-of-a-Feather topical gatherings, and the ever-popular
five-minute Lightning Talks. One new feature this year will be the Python
Lab, a collaborative, hands-on problem-solving environment. Following the
conference, many developers will stay for Sprints, extending the Python
language and Python projects through several days of intense, cooperative

PyCon is organized by members of the Python community, and made possible by
the Python Software Foundation and conference sponsors.

For more information or to register, please visit the PyCon 2007 website:

Information for members of the press is collected at

Contact information

Publicity coordinator: Catherine Devlin
IntelliTech Systems

Conference chair: Andrew M. Kuchling
703-471-2104 x120

Alternately, send e-mail with a phone number to and someone
will call you as soon as possible.