PyCon 2007 Frustrations

by Jeremy Jones

I'm planning on attending PyCon next week. I was just going through the scheduled talk list and am having a really hard time deciding which sessions to attend. I mean, how am I supposed to choose among Python-Dev Panel : "We make the things that make Python work.", WSGI: An Introduction and Towards and Beyond PyPy 1.0? And then I have choose among Web Frameworks Panel, Writing Parsers and Compilers with PLY, and Python on Parrot -- under the hood. The really bad part of having so many great sessions is that you have to miss something. It's frustrating having to choose, but it's going to be sooooo good.


Max Luebbe
2007-02-16 08:23:47
Tough choices, and I wish I could make it there myself.

"Writing Parsers and Compilers with PLY" is pretty interesting and probably worth checking out. David Beazley presented this to our Python User Group ( last fall, I'd recommend it.

Jeremy Jones
2007-02-16 09:27:05

That's actually a really hard choice. PLY is up against the Web Frameworks Panel (and Python on Parrot). At the moment, I'm leaning toward the Web Frameworks Panel. Looks like they may be making some headway into getting the sessions recorded. I hope this is i the case.