PyCon 2008 Talks and Tutorials Finalized

by Noah Gift

Just minutes ago they announced that Tutorials and Talks are finalized for PyCon 2008!

Here are the list of Talks:

My talk, on "Using Optparse, Subprocess, and Doctest To Make Agile Unix Utilities" was accepted, so I am pretty excited. One of the reasons I started the Google Code project on python4bash, was to get some better ideas on explaining Python to Bash programmers. If you have some ideas, please join the project, or send me an email.

Here are the list of Tutorials:

It is going to be really tough to decide what Tutorials to attend, but the Tutorial I am most excited about attending is "Practical Applications of Agile (Web) Testing Tools (C. Titus Brown and Grig Gheorghiu)". I have a few web applications I am developing, and Titus and Grig are doing letting attendees bring in their code so it can be "agified", if that is a word :) I am also excited about the "Eggs and Buildout Deployment in Python (Jeff Rush)". At next month's PyAtl meeting we are going to have three people give back to back presentations on buildout/eggs/virtualenv, so it is very much on my radar.

Here is the signup for Sprints:

I will be attending at least a couple days of Sprints this year, but I haven't picked which Sprint I want to attend yet.


It looks like this year's PyCon is going to be awesome. If you have ever thought about attending, do it. Last year's PyCon was one of the most enjoyable times I had in 2007, hope to see you there in 2008! PyAtl will be talking about PeachWSGI at PyCon, an annual WSGI Web Development Sprint we are holding at the end of May or early June....more on that later.

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Shannon -jj Behrens
2008-01-04 00:18:03
I went to Titus's testing tutorial last year and it was *awesome*. It was worth every penny. Just today, I was using TDD to refactor some legacy code. I don't know how I survived without it.