PyMOTW: weakref

by Doug Hellmann

The weakref module lets you refer to an object without preventing it from being garbage collected.


2008-01-06 15:38:39
I appreciate the many posts that OReilly bloggers post, but I still don't understand why their blog entries, in their entirety show up in the rss reader application. Don't they have the technology there to do a *summary* or even the first n characters of the thing? Sheesh, in Google Reader I have to scroll like two miles sometimes to get through to the next entry.
Doug Hellmann
2008-01-06 16:46:48
Hi, Jeremy,

I post to the ONLamp blog using a separate "body" and "extended" section. I thought that the "body" was used for the RSS feed content, but apparently not. Unfortunately, I don't have any control over that (I'm just a blogger, not a site admin).

FWIW, "j" will jump to the next post in Google Reader. It's not a perfect solution, but it's better than scrolling.