Python 2.4.2 and 2.5 Release Plans

by Anthony Baxter

I posted this to python-dev last week, and since I've not heard any screaming, I'll publicise it a bit more widely now.

So I'm currently planning for a 2.4.2 sometime around mid September. I figure
we cut a release candidate either on the 7th or 14th, and a final a week

In addition, I'd like to suggest we think about a first alpha of 2.5 sometime
during March 2006, with a final release sometime around May-June. This would
mean (assuming people are happy with this) we need to make a list of what's
still outstanding for 2.5. There's a bunch of accepted PEPs that are waiting
for code. Once that's done, there will be a final 2.4.3 sometime after or
close to the 2.5 final release.

I'm working on the Python 2.5 Release PEP at the moment. This will list all the outstanding major work that remains to be done.


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