Python 2.4 is coming

by Uche Ogbuji

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Marching onwards towards Python 3000. The first alpha of Python 2.4 is out. The 2.4 release is mostly about optimization and library enhancements.

The biggest new feature is Generator expressions, which is a natural follow-on to 2.2's list comprehensions, mixing in the potential memory efficiency of 2.2's generators. Some people complain that list comprehensions and now generator expressions are symptoms of the complication of Python, but IMHO, Guido and co have still not lost a bit of their knack for deciding on and working in the best suggested enhancements to the language. Python gets better with every release.

One of the updates I'm happiest with is the inclusion of Hye-Shik Chang's wonderful CJKCodecs, a unified unicode codec set for Chinese, Japanese and Korean encodings. Now our friends in the Pacific Rim will need no longer make a separate download to get local encoding support. Personally, I'd be happy with the inclusion of a full-blown iconv database with Python (providing support for all commonly-used encodings), despite the boosting of download size. Good internationalization is immensely important.

As usual, Andrew Kuchling has an article on What's new. Download early. Post bugs promptly.

Are you looking forward to Python 2.4?