Python and .NET getting together a lot these days

by Todd Ogasawara

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As someone who works with and supports both the proprietary Microsoft products and Open Source products (and takes flak from both sides :-), I was pretty pleased to learn, in the past week, that different aspects of my favorite programming language (Python) will support the Microsoft .NET framework.

Mark Hammond released his experimental Python for .NET compiler back in 2002.

Jim Hugunin announced last week at OSCON that IronPython would support .NET/Mono (and that he is going to work for the Microsoft CLR group).

I just read Mark Hahn's announcement in the comp.lang.python.announce newsgroup that:

[IronPython supporting .NET] presented an opportunity for Prothon that was too good to pass up. By
following in IronPython's footsteps, Prothon will not only be able to run on
a stable established interpreter, the CLR, but Prothon will have immediate
access to the .NET runtime library of unmatched size. Prothon's previous
design plans would not have worked with Python's runtime library and the
establisment of its own library would have taken some time.

Python, IronPython, Prothon on .NET anyone?


2004-08-06 12:59:12
Interesting times ahead
I wonder how Python/CLR will stack up against Python/Parrot, and how the .NET framework compares to CPAN.