Python Creator Guido van Rossum now working at Google

by Jeremy Jones

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Alex Martelli stated on the thread:

I don't think there was any official announcement, but it's true -- he
sits about 15 meters away from me;-).

I'm happy and excited for Guido. I'm interested to hear what exactly he'll be working on over there and how this could impact Python. Maybe it's my optimism kicking in, but I expect it will be positive for the community. I'm sure people can point to an incident here or there where Google has been questionable in its "don't be evil" motto, but I believe that overall, they're doing a good job of maintaining credibility.

Anyway, congrats, Guido!

Is Guido's move to Google a good thing for Python? Share your thoughts.


2005-12-21 13:52:19
Good for Guido!
(And here's hoping Google starts by paying him to rid us of that ruddy Global Interpreter Lock. ;p)
2005-12-21 14:56:42
Probably a good thing...
Considering Google uses Python extensively (from what I hear) I imagine this can only be a good thing. Let's hope he gets paid to do what he does best and doesn't get sitetracked.
2005-12-22 05:33:07
Good for Guido!
The last person who tried to get rid of the GIL ended up *slowing* cPython considerably.

Last discussion I saw concluded that the GIL makes threaded programming considerably easier.

A decent interprocess communication protocol would do more for solving the 'Python programs on multi-processor systems' IMHO.

2005-12-22 08:14:42
Good for Google
And good for Guido. Not so sure it will be good for Python. Google has demonstrated in China how they will scrap their "do no evil" mantra if it conflicts with business.
2005-12-22 13:25:17
Guido joining google is good?
2005-12-22 14:21:04
Good for Guido!
Yeah... I was that last person. I got rid of the GIL in Python 1.4. It introduced a lot of lock contention around other data structures. With further work, I imagine it could have been fixed, but Python is a lot more complicated nowadays. No way would I try it again.

As for whether this will be good for Python? I'd say "yes", as a significant portion of Guido's time is dedicated to working on Python. Much more than the 'day a week' at his previous employers.

2005-12-23 08:54:10
Probably a good thing...
... for everybody.

From everything i've heard, i can't help but expect that the kinds of things being done at google present some of the most stimulating and diverse challenges for python to grow on. Just the scaling issues - from the sheer magnitude of the things they company works on to the widespread deployment of python in the company - seem like terrific challenges, the kinds of things we want to see guido and python tackling.

A progressive company doing interesting things and already solidly supportive of python seems like an ideal place for guido and for python - and in turn, for the company itself. YAY!