Python for Sysadmin Work Gaining Momentum

by Brian K. Jones

I am so incredibly pleased to learn that two of my fellow O'Reilly bloggers are about to become fellow O'Reilly book authors as well. I had been secretly hoping I could learn Python fast enough to work on Python for Systems Administrators myself, but as usual, smarter folks won the day, and Jeremy Jones and Noah Gift will be co-authors on the project. If you haven't heard about it and want to throw your opinions at the authors, have a look at Jeremy's blog post asking for input.

In other Python/Admin related news, although my day job is still "System Administrator", I have been involved in publishing for quite some time in one way or another. In addition to writing and editing for several different publications in addition to O'Reilly, I also helped launch php|architect magazine, and have now (with the help of MTA - publishers of php|architect) launched a magazine devoted entirely to Python. It is called Python Magazine. You can see the why/when/how of it all in the announcement on my blog, and read a bit more about it in a recent interview with Free Software Magazine's Tony Mobily.