Python Makes You Fly

by Jeremy Jones

Here is a pro-Python propaganda comic. If you're in to Perl, don't take the alt tag (by hovering over the image) personally - it's an xkcd comic. You know, the same comic that depicted Stallman as a ninja? Enjoy! (I know I did.)


2007-12-05 08:41:54 ah : p
2007-12-05 08:43:19
I always knew that Python programmers were high. Whitespace!
Shlomi Fish
2007-12-06 07:00:55
It's not "alt" and it's not a tag. It's a "title" *attribute*. An "alt" attribute generally should not be displayed by a visual browser, and standards-compliant browsers follow this. A "title" attribute on the other hand is displayed as a tooltip, and can be assigned to most elements of the page.

I now, I'm being pedantic. In any case, I enjoyed the comic.