Python Package Index: The Cheese Shop

by Jeremy Jones

Last night at the Atlanta Python Meetup, I became aware that there are folks who have been around Python for a while who are unaware of the Python Cheese Shop. The "Cheese Shop" (named after the Monty Python skit) is intended to be a central repository for libraries and applications written in Python. Couple this with easy_install and you have a quick, easy, and clean way to install libraries and applications to your Python installation. By issuing the single command `easy_install ipython`, you will have the latest IPython installed on your system.


Frank Booth
2007-05-11 14:06:18
I recall that the Cheese Shop had no cheese. Unfortunate choice of name for the central repository.
2007-05-11 18:50:32
It is too bad that the Cheese Shop is currently down (6:47pm pacific).
2007-05-12 10:54:37
The choice of name is a little tongue-in-cheek, of course. :) More personality than the previous name (pypi -- Python package index), IMO.

Another nice thing about the cheese shop is Cheesecake ( -- similar to Perl's CPANTS (, for rating a package's kwalitee.