PyZine lives!

by brian d foy

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A long time ago in a publishing world far, far away, Brian Richard started Py, an independent Zine for Python developers. I still have several copies of the first issue I picked up at OSCON 2002. That was about the same time I was thinking about going into print with The Perl Review.

Brian and I had chatted over email a couple times, and he had moved on to Linux Magazine. I thought that was the end of Py.

Mark Pratt, the new publisher of PyZine, called me tonight (all the way from Barcelona) and we talked about what each of us is doing and what we have planned. I certainly don't want to compete with PyZine, so my idea for a Python magazine (I wanted to call it MagPy) is dead.

There might be some ways we can help each other, but mostly we just talked about how we do things and exchanged some ideas.

Now I'll have to find another idea for a new magazine, but that's okay. :)


2004-12-16 16:55:25
Magazine Idea
Here's a suggestion . . . how to make the most of Unix on the OS X platform. I'm always looking for information on how to do all the cool things in terminal, etc.
2004-12-17 02:16:33
Magazine Idea
I'm looking for a niche with no competitors. Many of the Mac magazines already include unix-ish content, and I don't think I could do any better than what they are already doing.
2004-12-17 07:38:06
Open Source Tools and Product
What I would like a see is a magazine to help people think outside the box allowing them to leverage the tools and products in the open source community. There are magazines about specific open source products, Linux, Python (as you mentioned) etc but nothing that aggregates all the different software that exists and spot lights their pro's, con's, features and potential business ideas.
In regards to the business ideas, we hear lots of people talk about the open source business case but nothing to help people leverage it and find solutions that would either enhance their business or to begin a new practice.
Keep it platform agnostic and focus on the software and it's benefits, life expectancy and possible avenues of revenue stream.
2005-03-13 11:52:37
Magazine Idea
I'll expect you for your new magazine. I'm glad that you'd like to write something with no competitors, Keep up your nice work. Did you yearn for the developer of PyZine - Brian Richard?
PyZine is a helpful and amusing site, really wonderful. Ho