[QOTD:Mike Champion] Infoset, Trees, XPath, Declarative Programming, and Why XML Syntax Doesn't Matter

by M. David Peterson

Where is XML Going? - O'Reilly XML Blog

"I do not think that JSON is going to "replace" XML; what I do see though is perhaps the dawning realization that the XML Infoset does not in fact have to be represented in angle-bracket notation". I very strongly agree with that. 'XML' will come to mean the Infoset (or the XQuery data model, or tree views and XPath-like axes over object graphs) more than the bits on the wire format. That liberates XML tools to support JSON, various binary XML formats, HTML tag soup, etc. without insisting that everyone play by the XML syntax rules.

Michael Champion
| February 28, 2007 07:59 PM

So I'll just come out and say it: XML doesn't matter!

Okay, yes it does. But not in the same way people seem to thing it does. In this regard, I agree 100% with what both Kurt and Mike (Mike's comment stems from Kurt's recent above-linked post) have to say on the matter.

In a follow-up comment a while back, I posed the following question,