Question: Is Microsoft Working On An XSLT 2.0 Engine? Answer:

by M. David Peterson

According to a comment left on a recent post from Oleg Tkachenko by someone claiming to be Mike Champion (I can only assume (claim == reality)),

Signs on the Sand: XSLT2/XPath2/XQuery1 fresh CRs

We are actively working on XSLT2 however, and there will be CTP releases starting in roughly the Orcas timeframe. It's not clear how it will ultimately be released.

Dear XSLT Community,

Smile and know that Microsoft loves you.

Unless its a fake... Then please continue forward with your belief that Microsoft doesn't love you until further notice. :)

NOTE: Click through for some interesting comments regarding the relationship between LINQ and XSLT (or better said, the answer to the question "Does LINQ replace XSLT")

Also, I'm pretty sure that Mike's follow-up comment (comments are listed newest to oldest) should read,

In the meantime, there's SAXON, which *now* runs in the .NET environment.

Which if you've been living in a cave up until now, is a true statement.