Quick 'n Cool Lightroom Galleries

by Ken Milburn

One of the biggest blessings in Lightroom is the Web module...at least, to my way of thinking. There are plenty of easy ways to crank out a quick web photo gallery. Most every application that processes photos has some sort of automatic gallery builder built-in. I've been using them for years as an easy way to let clients look at the results of a shoot and then get back to me on their favorites and present their comments.

In minutes, you can create one gallery for client review, another for use on a website, and another that shows how the photos were shot. The gallery you see below was created in less than two minutes.

Portfolio in Lightroom2.jpg

All of the gallery styles look thoroughly professional, even without your having to do any customization. You can check them out in just the same way you can check out photo presets in the Develop module. You just drag down the list and watch the preview button until you see what you like. Click a choice, and the whole gallery instantly assumes that style. You can then add an Identity plate, gallery title and sub-title, captions for each photo, or show all the photo's metadata. All you have to do is "click, type, and watch."

Haley Gallery2.jpg

If you do want to customize and you know even the basics of Dreamweaver, you can add, move, recolor or add a Paypal link where and as you'd like. Since you're starting from such a lovely place, you can really do this efficiently.

Some "auto galleries" even let you set up a "feeback area" or let you attach notes to a gallery. That's something that Adobe might consider adding to Lightroom in the future. It would be especially great, however, if...instead of keeping the notes on the page, the program automatically created an email to you that included the image's file name. The note wouldn't stay on the site, so the notes would be strictly private between you and the viewer. Another thing I'd really like to see is an automatic way to add a Paypal order button.


2007-05-17 12:38:11
We have some additional web gallery templates at http://www.lightroomgalleries.com for users to download. We are also working on a gallery with comments like you mentioned. Have a look, and ENJOY!